APPLICATION TO BECOME A LICENSED PRODUCER UNDER THE Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

Since the adoption of the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, Health Canada has been receiving numerous applications for producer licenses.  Out of all the applications received, very few licenses are granted due to Health Canada’s rigorous application process.

The Applicant must, amongst other things:

  • Meet all admissibility conditions;
  • Complete the Application form;
  • Complete security clearance documentation;
  • Obtain an import license, if need be;
  • Make sure the installations meet all security requirements, as set out by the regulations;
  • Respect all packaging, tagging and shipping requirements;
  • Notify the local authorities of your application;
  • Be able to perform the necessary screening of potential clients;

This is a non-exhaustive list and Health Canada may require additional information or screening.

In short, the following three aspects will be considered and are crucial in being granted an application:

  • Security of the installations and public safety;
  • The quality of the end product and good manufacturing practices;
  • The cleanliness of the applicant’s and management’s record;

The stages of the application process are as follows:

Our firm has been involved in regulatory and administrative law for around 30 years.  Obtaining a license is not a right but a privilege, particularly in a field as sensitive as marihuana production.

We are able to assist and advise our clients and any serious candidate, through the application process with the aim of obtaining a medical marihuana producer’s license, under the Access to cannabis for medical purposes regulations.

 Please note that our firm does not give any advice or consultation on this matter by telephone or email, preferring instead a first meeting in person, at our office, in order to gauge the seriousness of the applicant.

Mr. Louis Sirois, LL.B.