Reimbursement Agreement

Taxation authorities are known to be efficient, quick and powerful when it comes to the collection of taxes owing…Various tax laws grant astronomical powers to collection officers, and the latter will not hesitate to make use of them in a timely manner.

Therefore, it is essential to undertake discussions, at once and without delay, when an assessment is issued and there is a risk that the requested payment may not be made immediately.

There’s no use “burying one’s head in the sand”. Our experience shows us very clearly that avoiding dialogue with collection officers results in disastrous and catastrophic legal consequences.

While collection officers have a difficult and sometimes unfavourable duty at hand, still there is a very good possibility that a reimbursement agreement can be reached. Our law firm can help you with the development of an adequate and a sustainable reimbursement strategy. We can discuss directly with the collection officers responsible for your file, sparing you any source of additional stress, trouble and frustration…

Louis Sirois, Tax Lawyer